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terests, and Greece will take an active part in the joint construction of the Belt and▓ Road to build the Piraeus Port into the largest port in Europe and promote Eurasian connectivity.Greece hopes▓ to become a gateway for China to enter the European market and welcomes more Chinese business

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es▓ to invest and start businesses in Greece, which will strongly promote economic growth and local employmen▓t, he said.He also expressed the hope that the two sides will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in shipping, energy, e-commerce, culture, ed▓ucation, tourism and other fields.He

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emphasized that Greece disagrees with the opinion that▓ CEECs-China cooperation will divide Europe, and i▓t will remain committed to such cooperation and play a▓ positive role in promoting the overall EU-China relationship.He added that he is confident that President Xi's visit wil▓l achie

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ve fruitful results and become a new important milest▓one in the development of Greece-China and EU-China relations.After the talks, the two leaders met journalists and attended a ceremony for the exchange of bilateral cooperation ▓documents covering investment, port, finance, energy, educ

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ation and other fields.The two sides issued a j▓oint statement on strengthening the▓ir comprehensive strategic partnership.Greece is the first stop of Xi's ongoing Europe and Latin America tour, which will also take him to Brazil. He will attend the 11th BRICS summit to be held in Brasilia o